We believe that investment in education and infrastructure should be a priority, that we have a responsibility to be good stewards to our environment, and protect the rights that so many before us fought to secure: equal rights, voting rights, the rights of the disabled and workers rights. Our neighbors deserve affordable healthcare, access to mental health care and addiction services, and to feel safe in their communities regardless of their color, religious beliefs, country of origin, sexual orientation or how they identify. We need wages that keep up with inflation, affordable workforce housing, consumer protections that include clean water and air, and integrity in our elections. We believe in peace and think veterans deserve better mental health care and suicide prevention support. We trust science and journalism that holds truth to power. Our progressive values sustain a middle class and allow for upward mobility for all. We are always trying to grow our committee and welcome new members!  

Executive Board

Pat Teden


Marc Nozell


Wendy Thomas


Leslie Haltbakk