Meet Cindy Parente

Cindy Parente, (pronounced Paren-TEE) Merrimack Democratic candidate for State Representative moved from NY to Merrimack in 1987. She and her husband, Michael bought their home in 1991 and never looked back.

Cindy and Michael have been married since 1983. The marriage came as a package deal so right away Cindy's family included her stepsons, "The Boys." She and Michael were blessed with a daughter in 1984 and now have 5 beautiful grandchildren.

During her time in Merrimack, Cindy volunteered through the schools by coaching numerous Odyssey of the Mind (OM) teams and one of her teams even went all the way to States competition. She chaperoned everything from ski club, to Camp Mitena, to trips to NYC and Europe. Through the Merrimack Youth Association (MYA) she helped coach several Girls Softball teams with one going to town victory and having a float in the 4th of July Parade. Cindy also conducted an art program at the Senior Center in conjunction with the one she offered at the Nashua Boys and Girls Club which was rich and meaningful.

Cindy says that her first passion is not political; it is about families, especially the importance of parental education and infant development. On a National level, she's opinionated but, for Merrimack, she wants to put all of that aside and focus on the town's issues, including working for clean water, pursuing help in cleaning up this contamination from the responsible parties, and providing equal access to broadband across the town.

The idea of burying our utility lines intrigues Cindy, so she wants to explore which State programs might help with that. She also wants to understand the impact the proposed highway expansion will have on Merrimack's families and businesses and try to mitigate the damage.

Cindy has been a small business owner for most of her adult life, so she'll be an advocate for all the Moms and Pops out there as well as all those with a dream of owning their own business someday.

An incredibly hard worker, Cindy recounts how her mother taught her to always face challenges to the best of her ability and that if she was not willing to do her best, then let the opportunity pass. "No mediocre attempts at life at her table, thank you."

One of the skills Cindy has developed over time is bringing people together. When she owned and operated her Gymboree Franchises, she had the honor of serving thousands of families across Southern NH. Cindy prided herself on this skill. In the chaotic days immediately following 9/11 she opened up her doors to the community as a place to gather, share stories and a place for the children to play. Countless families have shared with Cindy that they met their best friends during their time with her. Cindy feels that finding common ground is a much-needed skill these days.

When asked why she was running for state representative, Cindy replied: "When I was approached to consider running, I realized I have never served my country in any official capacity so, of course, I said yes. If elected, I will serve, to the best of my ability, for the best interest of Merrimack's residents."

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