Meet Joe Sylvester

It is my hope to reinforce a focus on science and fact based decision making in Concord, regardless of political ideology.

I will be an advocate for mental health practitioners and those in need of more help.

I will promote animal rescues and no-kill shelters in the Granite State.

I will always act to strengthen and fund public library systems, the services they offer and the ability of all to access free and accurate information.

I will be a voice for traditionally oppressed populations including but not limited to people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, those suffering from the stigma of chronic disease and mental illness, and those living in or near poverty.

I will represent the will of the people of Merrimack. Where I disagree with my constituents I will always give them the opportunity to persuade me with facts, logic and verifiable research.

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Paid for by the Merrimack Town Democratic Committee. Tim Guidish, Treasurer.

16 Abbey Road, Merrimack, NH 03054