Meet Kathryn Stack

Kathryn "Kathy" Stack has been a resident of Merrimack for over 30 years.

Committed to fighting for clean water standards, Kathy was named one of the original "water warriors" who took the fight to the multi-billion dollar French conglomerate St. Gobain after they poisoned Merrimack's water supply with PFAS contaminants.

She became the treasurer of the Merrimack Village District water utility in 2018.

After years of seeing Merrimack Republican state reps. sitting on their hands, Kathy took the fight for clean water to the State House after winning the 2018 election. In the past two years alone, she has co-sponsored bills providing funding for PFAS blood tests, strengthening clean water standards, and holding St. Gobain accountable for taking advantage of Merrimack's position as a small town.

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Paid for by the Merrimack Town Democratic Committee. Tim Guidish, Treasurer.

16 Abbey Road, Merrimack, NH 03054