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The Growing Threat: Militias & Extremists in New Hampshire

On June 8, the Merrimack Democrats hosted a seminar from Granite State Progress's founding Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins. The full seminar was recorded and is available for viewing below!

The growing threat of domestic terrorism came into glaring reality during the attack on the US Capitol Building. Armed militias, white supremacists, and other extremist groups from across the nation played a significant role in carrying out the violence. In New Hampshire, there has been a marked increase in white nationalism, violent rhetoric, and extremist activity in the past year, only further fueling the groups that were already active. And far too often, Republican leaders have not only failed to call these groups out — they have instead worked to curry their favor in order to advance their own pet political projects. Granite State Progress has been tracking extremist groups and individuals in New Hampshire for most of the last decade, and is on the (zoom) road with a new presentation “The Growing Threat: Militias & Extremists in New Hampshire.” Already, hundreds of Granite Staters have participated in the discussion, gaining insight and expertise on these movements, the politicians and systems enabling them, and what we must do to stop them from gaining a stronger foothold in New Hampshire. As evidenced again just this past week as a QAnon aligned group rallied in Concord and white nationalists tagged a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Nashua with racist graffiti -- and then sent racist threats to State Rep. Manny Espitia for condemning it -- New Hampshire is not innocent and has a responsibility to address these ongoing and growing threats to a strong, safe, healthy, and equitable New Hampshire.

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