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  • Bob Souza

Take The Challenge!

Updated: Jan 26

We're happy to announce that five Democratic/Progressive members of our MTDC community have thrown down The Challenge: If our community contributes $2,500 or more to MTDC between August 7 and August 27 then those five members will match the $2,500 (contributing a generous $500 each) for a total of $5,000+ raised.

The Challenge funds will be used to support our NH House candidates, for community building, committee-building, and campaign-supportive activities.

You can take The Challenge by:

  • Donating through Act Blue (easiest)

  • Mailing a check made out to Merrimack Town Democratic Committee to Marc Nozell, 10 Wildcat Falls Rd, Merrimack, NH 03054

  • Purchasing flowers and bulb from (50% of your purchase price is contributed to MTDC)


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