Meet Rosemarie Rung

My husband and I married 36 years ago. After living in a converted chicken coop in Brookline, NH during our first year as newlyweds, we scraped together every dollar we had to buy our first house. But where? We wanted to live in a town where our neighbors were community-minded, engaged, and supported education. It didn’t take long to know that town was Merrimack.

After 10 years, we grew out of our first home on Davis Rd. and moved down the block to Ministerial Dr., where our third child was born. During that pregnancy, I became quite concerned about the political extremism of the School Board at the time and my “mama bear” emerged. I ended up running for an open seat and won with a record number of voters coming out to support me. For the next 8+ years, I worked hard to ensure our curricula was updated, school overcrowding was relieved, kindergarten was introduced and that we attracted the most qualified staff. All the while, I worked full-to-part time as a public affairs leader for a Fortune 50 company and served on the boards for the United Way, YMCA, SEE Science Center, Rivier College advisory, and my Rotary Club (don’t ask about the dust bunnies or piles of laundry throughout my house during those years).

My work and family took up a great deal of time during and after my tenure on the School Board, but I continued to find ways to contribute to Merrimack. I founded Laura’s World Fund, a charity that supports underserved children locally and globally. I volunteered in the schools, taught CCD, and pretty much said “yes” to any calls for help.

Then, before I knew it, my children had grown, graduated, and I retired from my career. I am a grandmother now (the spoiling kind) and consult with clients in communications and public relations now and then. Before running for state rep in 2018, I helped the town moderator with elections. For awhile, I was running a Medicare insurance business as it transitioned from one owned by a dear departed friend to his family’s agency. I loved helping people navigate the Medicare waters and learned a lot about how we need to improve health care access and cost.

When I ran for my first term, my priorities were to get our water cleaned up from PFAS. I spearheaded 2 petition warrant articles to build two filtration systems for four Merrimack wells that received approval from over 92% of the voters. I successfully sponsored a bill to double fines and increase penalties for air and water polluters; it is now law. Working with our Executive Councilor, Debora Pignatelli, the exit 11 tolls were zeroed out and we brought millions more money to Merrimack to lessen the burden of local property taxes.

When you vote for me, you’re voting for someone who listens to and works with all sides, uses fact-based information to deliberate on issues, respects constituents (I will return your calls and emails), and will do the hard work. And, I will show up and vote and that vote will be for what is in the best interests of Merrimack. Thanks for reading this and I respectfully ask for your vote in November.

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Paid for by the Merrimack Town Democratic Committee. Tim Guidish, Treasurer.

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