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Get Involved!

Our activities include:

  • Canvassing 
    Every vote counts, and the best thing we can do to get the government we want is to vote. The second-best is to canvass, especially in a midterm election where participation usually drops off. We canvass to remind reliable voters about the election. We canvass to get new or occasional voters interested in the issues and the election and to help them understand how important their individual vote really is. We meet them in-person, where they are; often a simple conversation is all it takes.

  • Phone banking: canvassing by phone

  • Yard sign distribution

  • Providing opportunities to meet Democratic candidates through house parties and other events

  • Writing letters elected officials and local news outlets 

  • Participating in town events such as the 4th of July parade and National Night Out

  • Other social and group activities

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